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Hunger is a growing problem. Together, we can be part of the solution.

Rancho Cordova Food Locker is the center of a variety of programs and services to help our neighbors in need. Click each box below for a description of services currently available.

Food Recovery

Five days a week, volunteers and staff from Rancho Cordova Food Locker pick up food donations from local grocery stores. This program helps area businesses comply with SB 1383, a bill ensuring that healthy, nutritious food is distributed to those in need.

Every morning, Rancho Cordova Food Locker trucks can be seen at grocery stores across Rancho Cordova picking up healthy, nutritious food to support SB 1383 and our food distribution efforts. Current partners include Bel Air, Raleys, Safeway, Walmart, Sprouts, Grocery Outlet and Costco.

From Fiscal Year 21/22 to 22/23, Rancho Cordova Food Locker nearly doubled its Grocery Partners to nine local stores. The Grocery Recovery program is on track to redirect and redistribute 2.5 million pounds of edible food to our neighbors in need.

In California alone, nearly 6 million tons of food are thrown away annually. To reduce food waste and help address food insecurity, SB 1383 seeks to recover 20 percent of the healthy, edible food that would otherwise end up in landfills.

To become a Grocery Recovery partner, or for more information on how donating food to Rancho Cordova Food Locker will help your business comply with SB 1383, please contact Carrie Johnson at

Food Recovery efforts like those of Rancho Cordova Food Locker help fight hunger and environmental concerns like global warming.

H.O.T. Team

Transitioning out of homelessness can be a complex and difficult process. On Mondays and Fridays, neighbors and friends can access the services of Rancho Cordova’s Homeless Outreach Team. Navigators are available on-site to assist participants every step of the way- from replacing critical identification and paperwork to connecting with advocate services and support managing resources.

Food For Seniors

The Commodity Supplemental Food Program (CSFP) for low-income seniors (60 and older ) provides eligible participants an extra box of groceries each month.

Schedule for the next 3 months:

April:      19, 22, 24

May:      24, 29, 31

June:    24, 26, 28

Veterans Village

Rancho Cordova really cares about our Veterans. Every other week, we deliver supplies of ready-to-eat foods and staples to the formerly unhoused or disabled service members at Mather Veterans Village supportive housing community.

Family Meal

How Can I Help Rancho Cordova Food Locker Fight Hunger?

We know that Rancho Cordova really cares about our friends and neighbors. We depend on donations, volunteers and local food recovery. We appreciate all contributions from our generous and caring community.